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Room PlannerRoom Planner

Virtual Room Planner Solutions

Create your dream classroom using UFC’s Room Planner design program! Rearrange furniture in one of our sample classroom templates or upload your own room dimensions to design a classroom and choose furniture that perfectly suits your unique needs and space requirements. With the UFC Room Planner, creating the perfect classroom environment is effortless, precise and fun. Additional expert advice from our team of educators and designers is also available on request.

Room Planner

Design and Planning

Switch between 2D and 3D views to design your ideal classroom space. Draw your walls, drag and drop UFC furnishings and customize everything to your needs. With the UFC Room Planner, you can download your 2D floorplan and product list in an easy-to-read PDF for on-site setup or share your UFC Room Planner layout with your team for a collaborative design process.

Visualize & Share

Enhanced HD renderings, shadows, lighting, rich colors and material textures can bring your classroom to life! Switch to 3D mode to immerse yourself within your future classroom. Use the snapshots feature to capture and share realistic images of your customized layout.

Room Planner

Sample Classrooms

Infant Classroom

When creating an infant space, focus on the needs and milestones of the infants that will be occupying it. Make sure to fill the space with child-height furniture, appropriate care centers and a few adult-sized sitting areas for parents and caretakers to easily spend one-on-one time with the children.

Toddler Classroom

As you plan your toddler space, it is important to plan out interest areas carefully and thoughtfully. Separate the classroom with rugs and shelving units to properly dedicate the right amount of space for each area.

Preschool Classroom

Educators need to plan their spaces ahead of time to properly address all of a child’s educational and social needs in order to have a fulfilling educational environment. Organized, natural environments with focal points give children a defined sense of purpose.