Canadian Hard Maple with Heritage

Why Maple?

Canadian Hard Maple grows slowly and patiently offering the best physical properties possible for furniture-making as it’s known for its close, uniform grain, wonderful texture and color and most importantly strength. The boards harvested and planed from these majestic trees are dense and durable. Each piece of finished furniture is therefore long-lived, remains beautiful and sturdy over a lifetime and becomes a worthwhile long-term investment.

Canadian Hard Maple with Heritage

Since University Furniture Collection’s inception, we have enjoyed a close and invaluable partnership with world-renowned Canadian hardwood supplier, Simon Lussier Ltd. 100% of the maple lumber used in UFC’s furniture collection comes from Simon Lussier’s carefully cultivated stock.

Though Simon Lussier has experienced great success over its 80 years in business, the company remains family-owned and retains the family values that it was built upon. Commitment to providing unwavering high quality product, while maintaining intelligent, conscientious management of precious North American forests top that list.

The provenance of each board used in UFC’s preschool furniture collection is of paramount importance. The wood used in each piece of maple furniture is harvested from the “noblest” trees of North American forests, the Canadian Maple.

Thanks to strict processes and selection criteria, SL offers products of a noticeably better quality.  To ensure that customers receive a high quality product, Simon Lussier takes extra measure in the way they handle their lumber. Maple is harvested during the winter months and the drying and planing installations process lumber according to strict grading. Each individual board is sorted by hand and separated by color, length and width for consistency. This video provides a great visual of the large scale, organized operation at the Simon Lussier facilities.

Simon Lussier is a well-respected member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association for 65 years, is a member of the Quebec Wood Export Bureau, the Penn-York Lumberman’s Club, the New England Lumberman’s Association and is FSC certified. For more information about Simon Lussier’s exceptional quality products and services, visit the Simon Lussier website.